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Wound Care Specialist

Faith Menken, MD -  - General Surgeon

Faith Menken, MD

General Surgeon located in New York, NY

Proper wound care is essential to ensure healing and prevent complications, such as infection. As a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Faith A. Menken offers comprehensive wound care services to patients in the Upper East Side area of New York. Patients in need of wound care should contact Faith A Menken MD, to make an appointment with Dr. Menken.

Wound Care Q & A

Why is wound care necessary?

When the body sustains a burn, laceration, or another type of wound, it will immediately begin the healing process. However, while the wound is healing, the skin isn’t able to perform its normal duties, and the area is at risk of infection. Infection in the wound can prevent it from healing properly, and it can put the patient at risk of developing a systemic infection as well. Systemic infections can sometimes be fatal without prompt treatment.

When is advanced wound care necessary?

Many wounds heal on their own with only minimal surveillance and care. However, larger wounds or wounds in patients with certain chronic conditions may require more intensive care. The purpose of this care is to monitor the wound for any signs of infection, keep the wound clean, and make sure that it’s healing properly.

How does Dr. Menken care for wounds?

Dr. Menken can evaluate wounds and determine what type of care is necessary. In some cases, wounds may only need cleaning and monitoring. In other cases, Dr. Menken may need to close the wound with stitches or another technique. In cases where wounds have developed significant amounts of necrotic tissue, Dr. Menken may need to debride the wound to promote healing.

What is wound debridement?

Debridement is a process used to remove dead, necrotic tissue from a healing wound. During this process, Dr. Menken uses a scalpel and forceps to remove necrotic tissue from the wound. This causes bleeding in the wound bed, but it exposes the healthy tissue underneath to the oxygen it needs to heal.

When is wound debridement necessary?

Wound debridement may not be beneficial for every type of wound. For example, most acute wounds don’t develop enough necrotic tissue to require debridement. However, chronic wounds may need this type of treatment. After a comprehensive examination, Dr. Menken can tell patients whether debridement could be beneficial.

What can patients do to improve wound healing?

Patients can improve wound healing by following all of Dr. Menken’s instructions carefully. Patients with diabetes should also monitor their blood glucose level carefully, as high blood sugar can contribute to poor wound healing.


Dr. Menken accepts a number of major insurance plans. Please contact her office if you do not see your insurance plan listed.

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